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By John Douillard | April 2, 2013

In a recent study, an extract of turmeric was tested against the growth of herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) in a cell culture.

One group of cells was treated with a turmeric extract and the other group was left untreated. HSV-1 was then introduced into the cell culture.

The cells treated with turmeric experienced significantly less growth and a reduced size of HSV-1 compared to the untreated cells. These results indicate that turmeric extract aided cells in resisting an HSV-1 infection and slowed the replication or growth of the herpes culture (1,2). The mechanism for the anti-viral effects was thought to be the suppression of the HSV-1 gene expression (1).

This study was of course done on a growth medium, and whether a turmeric extract will have a corresponding effect in the human body requires further study.

Another strategy to prevent cold sores or herpes outbreak is to not feed the virus its favorite food. Herpes will be stimulated by arginine rich foods like seeds and nuts – especially walnuts – chocolate, carob and orange juice. Caffeine and watermelon can also drive arginine levels. Help balance arginine foods with foods rich in lysine, which is found in most vegetables.

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